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Save up to 40% on printing costs
with our unique subscription!

For one fixed monthly subscription Printada! gives you:-

1. A high quality, robust business printer
2. All of the cartridges you need, just when you need them
3. All other consumables which might be needed (eg; drum units)
4. Full warranty, service and maintenance

With our subscription you will save up to 40% compared to paying for everything separately plus complete peace of mind and no hidden costs.


Headline Benefits

What’s Included
Business Specification Printer
All Cartridges
All Other Consumables
Full Warranty & Maintenance

How much and how long
Up to 40% Saving*
Fixed Monthly Subscription
36 Months
Cancellation Option After 12 Mths***

Other Features
No Finance Agreement
Auto - Cartridge Delivery
Super Simple 2 Page Agreement
Immediate Online Sign-Up**

* Savings compared to manufacturer SRPs, Dec 22
** From Q1 2023
*** No penalty, just 3 months notice

Easy to choose & easy to set up

Step 1

Choose Printer or MFP

We pre-select tried & tested printers and MFPs which offer good performance and are robust enough for high quality, high volume printing

Step 2

Choose How Many Pages

Up to 1,000 per Month
Up to 2,500 per Month
Up to 5,000 per Month

Based on the number of pages you choose we will send all of the cartridges and any other consumables you need just when you need them

Step 3

Sign Up!

Subscription Agreement
Fixed Amount
No Additional Costs
Cancel After 12 Months

Simple 2 page subscription agreement. No hidden nasties or additional costs to pay. You may cancel after 12 months with no penalty, just 3 months notice

Step 4

Install Your Printer

Connect your printer or MFP to your wireless network or LAN

Step 5

Connect to Our Cloud

You will receive a Welcome Pack from us or direct from Printada! and it includes a link to our Print Management Software. Follow the instructions to set up!

Step 6

Apply Asset Tag to Printer

You will receive an asset tag for the printer of MFP in the post within 7 days of receiving the printer. Please apply this to the top or front of the printer or MFP.

Printada Subscription Offers 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

• What happens if I print more pages than what is included in the Subscription?
If you print more pages or print pages with denser coverage than the manufacturer yield guidelines you require extra cartridges which are not included in the subscription amount. Those additional
cartridges will still be sent automatically so you will not run out of ink and you will be charged at the price shown clearly in your agreement, only if and when that situation occurs.

• What happens if the Printer develops a fault?
In your welcome pack which there is a phone number and web address which you may contact in order to get help and support and to raise a ticket for service. We will endeavour to resolve any
problems even if this means replacing your printer completely

• Will I receive original or remanufactured cartridges and consumables?
This will depend on product availability, pricing and other factors which change from time to time. Rest assured that we will only send cartridges and consumables which will deliver high quality print
output and performance.

• What happens at the end of the subscription period?
You have several choices: purchase the printer for a small fee, return the printer to us or enter into a new 36 month agreement with the same device.

• Are there any delivery charges?
The delivery charges for the printer, cartridges and consumables are included in the Subscription cost.

• Is there anything else I might have to pay for in addition to the monthly subscription?
No, everything is included so long as you stay within the agreed monthly volume – don’t worry if you exceed that volume, the charges that will be applied are clearly set out in your agreement.

• How quickly will I receive the printer after signing up?
Once you and your supplier have signed the agreement they will send an invoice for the initial fee, which is equal to one monthssubscription. After that has been paid the printer will be ordered and
will usually be delivered to you within 3 to 5 working days.

• Why are DTM asking me to add their Dealer Reference Number or DRN?
The Printada! team monitor the performance of authorised Printada! dealers very carefully and those dealers are important to help support you and other customers. This number helps us maintain
quality of service and identify areas to improve.