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Online Ordering

Whether you’re in the office or working from home, our online ordering system can be configured for each user.

The easier, safer and more efficient way for your business to order online!

Online ordering functionality

All of your contract pricing will be uploaded to the system so users can see the true cost of products.

Your core list is easy to view showing all the items regularly ordered by both your company and each individual users (favourites) with the ability to edit these lists by users who have the necessary permissions.

Available to 24 -7 with full integration to our stock availability, meaning you know the status of all products and orders.

Safe to use

The ability to fully bespoke an authorisation ‘tree’ means you can rest assured that using online ordering is safe.

Based on creating user profiles, you can restrict users from ordering by either product type or basket value, with exceptions being sent to a designated user to authorise in a similar way to an internal order request. Alerts can be created to remind authorisers of any outstanding requests that need their attention and users can see the current status of all requests.

Our team will always sit down with customers to help design an online ordering infrastructure that works for your business. It can be as complex or as simple as needed.

Better way to order

By using online ordering and creating a good authorisation tree, your business procurement workflow should be streamlined, and time is money!

The traditional process of users communicating need to your procurement team, by emails, word of mouth or monitoring product stock levels is gone.

Products are easily identified by each user, without the need for internal discussions or taking time to speak to us; the supplier (...although we are at the end of a phone whenever you want us).